The mobile application for householding by using the FlyLady system principles.


The LadyFly app was developed on the basis of the house cleaning system presented on, where you can become familiar with its principles in detail.


These are everyday affairs or repetitive activities grouped into lists.


The completed tasks of the lists are crossed off, and then restored automatically according to the schedule specified by the user or manually.


The list shows only the daily routines supposed to be performed on the current day of the week according to the schedule. If necessary, the list of all possible routines can be displayed regardless of the schedule.


Any actions upon the routines lists are available to the users: the ability to add, rename, move in the list and delete the routines, as well as to add the unlimited number of tasks to each routine.

Cleaning Zones

The cleaning space is divided into the conditional zones. One week is given to the detailed cleaning of every zone.


The current zone is changed automatically according to the user settings. Any time the user can change current zone manually.


The users can choose a suitable image for every zone from the proposed library or set their own image.


There is the particular cleaning list for every zone. The tasks from the list are crossed off as they are completed, and reset according to the schedule specified by the user.

Daily mailing

Daily mailing is one of the traditional elements of the flylady system. The assignment for the day, a special task for the week and the habit of the month will be at your fingertips in the application, allowing you not to be distracted by the Internet.


Calendar with a simple and convenient interface.

You can quickly view list of events and cases on the desired date.


Events are created, edited and deleted very easily - just a couple of touches, without complicated menus and intricate transitions. Also, you can quickly set up recurring events at a specified interval.


With the quick search function it's easy to find an event by its name, and reminders at a given time will help not to miss any scheduled tasks


The built-in timer is available for the users convenience.

It allows to devote the defined time to cleaning.


The purpose of the motivation page is to create and encourage the right mood for housekeeping.


The user can make notes, add favorite inspirational phrases, quotes and any other useful information.

Section can be renamed and used as a regular notebook.

Five color shemes to choose


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Let the cleaning be a pleasure!

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